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February Parent Workshop
Neurodivergence, Negative Self-Talk, & Building Resilience in Your Child

One of the most heart-breaking things a parent can hear is a child being mean to themselves. Some children get so overwhelmed at times that they call themselves names, or even worse, hit themselves when they are upset. 

As adults, we can feel helpless in these moments and are quick to say something to negate our child’s statement like “Of course you’re not stupid” or “Don’t say that; it’s not true.” But, responding with comments opposite of a child’s thoughts can feel dismissive and leave them feeling emotionally alone. 

So what are we to do?

In this workshop we will dive into:

  • What's happening emotionally for many of our kids in moments
  • Understand why kids are engaging in negative self-talk
  • Think through why mistakes are harder for neurodivergent kids and teens
  • Helping our kids understand their brain and needs for support
  • Understand when and how to help your child practice frustration tolerance

I will spend ~40 minutes sharing all my tips on these topics and then those who attend LIVE will have time for Q&A directly with me. The Q&A will not be included in the replay so those attending LIVE feel safe to talk about their families without being recorded. 

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