Lesson 1 is best for parents who are first beginning to have concerns about their child or who have recently had their child evaluated and are trying to make sense of their child's strengths and needs for support.

Parenting On Your Own Path [The Roadmap] is designed for parents raising a child with various neurodiverse profiles. Perhaps your child has just received a diagnosis of Autism, ADHD, or anxiety, or you may have just started feeling concerned about your child's development. This course sets out to help shift your mindset away from traditional parenting towards relationship-based parenting, understanding how learning and behaviors are connected, and helping you nurture the emotional development of your child.

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As a child psychologist and parent who has also walked this path, I understand how overwhelming it feels and I want to share with you all that I have learned.

This self-study online course is designed for parents ready to shift their mindset and better understand the neurodiversity of the child they are raising. Are you ready to feel more capable on this journey?